with my teeth in your heart

emma. 22. keeps the blood out of her ginstream. kpop spiral ongoing. vera farmiga WHY????

♡ like a you-aholic ♡

Mix meme: Melisandre
one. orbis de ignis (dead can dance)
two. burn (the cure) “don’t look, don’t look,” the shadows breathe / … every night i burn / waiting for the world to end
three. the ring of fire (wojciech kilar) (shadow babies what uuup)
four. dance with me (iamx) i tried to see / tried to believe / but there was only greed
five. beat and the pulse (kool thing mix) (austra) capture something red / paste it to the edge of your bed / … feel it break / nothing’s a mistake

listen to the whole thing here.

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